Upcycled, Painted Surfboards

Upcycled Surfboards and Surfboard Art

Upcycle instead of landfill, paint instead of waste. All my boards are landfill rescues. I could repair them, make them shiny and smooth again, but I generally choose not to. These boards have had their fair share of drop-ins, nose dives and oversized waves gone sideways, and it’s what gives them character.

All my boards have stories to tell. Stories of first bottom turns, hours of pop-up practice and the hunt for the perfect wave. Of crowded lineups, sunscreen and endless summer days. I love nothing more than getting my hands on an old and battered board. While I clean the wax off and uncover dings, shaved noses and small imperfections, I try to imagine what that board was like in the water. What I might put on it to honour the life it’s had.

This is my gift to you. When you choose to enrich your home with one of my boards, you are helping to spread the story of living an environmentally friendly life. Of giving things a second chance, and the beauty of imperfection.


Painted surfboards get a second lease on life

All my surfboards are for sale through the webiste, please head over to the shop to order yours. Or, if you have an old board that you’d like to get painted, just get in touch! I’d be more than happy to save you a trip to the tip and customise your own board. Then, at least, you’ll be able to tell the full story.

Browse the shop or the gallery below for a few examples of my surfboard art.

Like what you see? I do commission work for your retired surfboards, or you can choose a design and I will provide the board. Just get in touch!